Reflections of 2013

After going through some facebook posts I realized I wasn’t the only one glad to see the back of 2013. Everyone I knew had gone through some kind of crisis with family members and friends.

It was a bad year for everyone.

Today I realized after I was downloading the photos from my now defunked blackberry is wasn’t all bad, and there were some good moments.

So I decided to highlight some of the good things of 2013 that I didn’t blog about.

Against All Odds.

St. Catharines-20130324-00044

Lucas’ hockey team made the provincial finals. After 5 nonstop periods of play they lost. I couldn’t have been more proud of him as I was that day.

Canada Day Celebrations.


In August Lucas’ soccer team travelled to Montreal. If anyone gets the chance visit old Montreal, it’s fantastic.IMG-20130823-00404


For my birthday


Ron surprised me with tickets to see Ilene and Tony in an intimate and interactive talk. It was awesome. Ilene is surprisingly a really tall woman who is incredibly funny. Tony was no slouch either. For those of you who don’t know who they are they are from a British soap opera called Coronation Street.

Soon fall came and it was off to the pumpkin patch


Nicole’s imagination and pretend play really began to take shape. In the picture below she made a pretend car out of pillows and she said

IMG-20130821-00312“I’m the Mommy and these are my babies. I have to go to work and they have to go to Patti’s.”



“Mummy don’t bother me. I have to do my homework.”IMG-20131211-00602She now has moments of imitating the things people do. Sometimes it’s a riot.

Nicole’s attempt to stay up with Mommy.

It’s 4 am

“Why don’t you go back to bed baby it’s way to early for you to get up. You don’t need to be up for a few hours yet.” I continued to read my notes.

“I’m hungry.”

“Is a banana ok?”

“Sure is.”

 After a few minutes I looked up and there was Nicole passed out at the table with a half eaten banana in her hand.IMG-20131209-00600

I finished reading my page. I got up from the table and without skipping a beat Nicole woke up with a jolt and then continued to eat the rest of the banana.

“Come on baby, let’s go back to bed.”

“But IIII’m noooot tired.” Nicole protested.

“Yeeees you are. You were just sleeping at the table.”

“Noooo I wasn’t. My eyes just needed a nap.”

Nicole has a leapfrog cash register

 She lined up all her stuffed toys and gave them money.

She then proceeded to cash them out.


Shakin her booty

Nicole took dance lessons through the city this year.IMG-20131207-00590

I wasn’t sure if she was going to like dancing.

It turned out our girl loves to dance.IMG-20131207-00594

Back to Florida for Christmas holidays


This is what happens when you’re doing stuff around the house and Nicole gets into the cupcakes…. See no icing.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Lucas decided he wanted to stay the extra week with Ron to play hockey before coming to Florida. He was given the choice of hockey and a road trip with Dad, or a plane ride with Nicole and myself and Disney’s Christmas Party. He surprised Ron and I by opting out of Disney. So off we went to Mickey’s Party.

It became a night of visiting princesses. IMG-20131219-00630

Rides were somewhat secondary.

 That was until Nicole saw the magic carpet ride.


FYI Disney is full of glitter from all of the princess dresses the little girls wear to the park.

Here is cool Christmas idea.


This was given to the kids in the pub as part of a fundraiser. I think I will be making these next Christmas.

I apologize for the long post and the lack of detailed stories. I admit I didn’t write as much as I planned to last year. I decided one of my goals for 2014 is to blog more often.

I learned one thing from not posting very often.

You somehow forget some of the funnier moments in your life. Photos only remind you of little tidbits of a particular moment in time. Stories however keep those very moments alive…forever.


Kids, Minor Hockey and Crazy Parents

When it comes to parents, kids and sports, in particular hockey, I believe Don Cherry said it best.

I don’t agree with the stab at other sports, but his point is well made. Sports parents are a different breed, and so it shapes the personality of the kids.  If your kids play sports, especially travel, they are as dedicated as their parents. Or vice a versa, the kids learn dedication from their parents. If kids play travel, the parents travel like a pact of wolves. They are willing to devour anything that gets in their way. After this past weekend, I decided to share my thoughts on travel sports.

Parents and kids need to do the following:

1)      Win, with class. There is no need to rub the losing teams face in it. They know they lost and they feel like crap.

2)      Lose, with grace. When you know you have lost, or are losing badly, there is no need to behave poorly. For example: you’re out onto the ice swinging fists, elbows, or slashing with a few minutes left in the game. There is such a thing as losing gracefully. Learn to accept it. Learn from the mistakes made in the game, and move on to improve.

3)      Dedication is a hard lesson to learn. Especially if it’s a process that’s a few years in the making. I believe the hardest position is a goalie.

The first year my son played goalie his team was absolutely terrible. They sucked.

“Dad, I don’t wanna be a goalie anymore.” Lucas sobbed.

“You honestly don’t like it anymore?” my husband replied.

“I wanna play out.”


“Cause I can help the team better if I play out. I can score goals.”

“Lucas you know the team isn’t losing because of you right?”

“Yeah, I, I guess.”

It took my husband to point out he was the last line of defense. Every goal wasn’t his fault. You win as a team, and you lose as a team.

Year two as a goalie

The year started off much the same as the previous year. Losing. Then over this past weekend, at the Gene Harrington Invitational in Niagara Falls, NY something miraculous happened. They won. Not just a game, but the whole tournament.

The team was dedicated, the parents are dedicated, and this past weekend it finally paid off. So my lesson isn’t just dedication will help you win, but persistence.

Crazy Parents

Now here are my rules for crazy sports parents. First, you don’t want to be like these crazy parents.


  1. Know the rules of the game before you shoot off your mouth. If you don’t know the rules well, it’s best not to say anything at all.
  2. Put your goggles on. In other words, your son/daughter elbows another kid. Don’t blame the other kid. Instead, after the game, tell your kid you saw what they did and it’s not impressive. That behavior is not what makes a good player.
  3. No point in yelling at the officials. The more you yell, the more bad calls they’ll make. So in other words. Keep your mouth shut.
  4. Other parents may not have their goggles on. Be the bigger parent and say little. It’s really easy to cause a brawl by having two hot heads shout at each other. Usually they’re both wrong and it teaches the kids nothing.
  5. Co-ed sports. Make sure you don’t do what happened to our players this weekend. Some ASS belittled his kid when he realized we had three girls on the team. The shock came during the awards portion of the tournament when they removed their helmets. “Do you see that son, you played terrible, and what’s worse is you guys were beaten by some girls.” Really???? What decade are you in??? Now for the record I’m not sure if this parent was from a previous game or the one we had just played. Either way the comment is completely inappropriate.
  6. Wives, husbands, significant others or grandparents, if you have an ASS like above either bring duct tape to shut their mouth or leave them at home. Also, feel free to correct the moronic comments. In PUBLIC, so everyone can hear.
  7. It’s ok to give constructive criticism, only if it’s constructive and not destructive. “You could have gone down sooner for the puck, or don’t wait for the puck to come to you. You need to go to it….etc.”
  8. It’s appropriate to cheer for your own team but it’s also appropriate to recognize the other team. For example: The other goalie makes an awesome save. It’s ok to cheer even if you’re playing against them. It shows good sportsmanship. A lesson the kids can learn.

Remember you’re there to support the kids. They aren’t pros.


Do you agree with my rules? Have you encountered instances mentioned above? How did you handle it?

I would like to hear your suggestions.


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