The Lip

I’m not sure I’m going to survive the tween years

Lucas is pretty lippy. There have been a few times where I’ve caught myself and told myself to breathe, let it go, and to pick my battles.  I find this is not an easy task.

Lately I’ve just flown off the handle.

He becomes disrespectful, and I lose it.

The lip


Is just one thing I can’t tolerate.

I guess that’s part of the parental territory.

After my trip to the grocery store, Lucas began repeating everything I said.

I gave him my three warnings.

“Lucas knock it off, I’m not impressed!”

He again repeats what I just said.

I was about to yell at him when I heard this whisper in the back seat.

“Dudis you shut up.”

I barely contained my laughter, but I contained it.

“Well Lucas it’s pretty sad when your little sister even realizes you’re annoying.”

I saw him smile in rear view mirror.

“Yep.” And he laughed.

A little louder and more forceful this time I heard the little voice.

“You bugging myyyy Mommy Dudis you shut up.”

“Nicole it’s not nice to tell people to shut up.”

“Yeah Nicole!”

I caught Lucas trying to punch Nicole in the arm and he missed. Nicole then caught his arm and she hauled off and hit him square in the arm.fightingcartoonpicture

“AAAHHHH Niccooollle!”

Lucas grabbed his arm and protested that Nicole hurt him.

“Yeah ok Lucas.” I rolled my eyes.

“Nicole it’s not nice to hit even though you were defending yourself and Lucas seems to think I can’t see what he’s doing.” I glanced again in my rear view mirror and I noticed Lucas is beginning to sulk.

“But Moooommm!”

Nicole shook her head and rolled her eyes.

“Shut up Dudis, shut up.”

“Nicole Morgan.” I gave her my stern and I’m not very happy voice.”

“Soweey Mommieee soweey.”Nicole and Lucas March 2013



My Suburban Zoo

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