The High Tea Princess

For my Mother’s birthday, my Mother wanted to take Nicole to see a theatrical play called Pinkalicious.

The catch?

Everyone had to wear pink.

Now for the record, I hate pink. I can’t stand pink. It’s the only colour in the universe that makes me want to gag. For me, it’s go red or go home. Pink is NOT the new black. Pink is well….pink. So I caved, and I agreed, only because it’s Mom’s birthday and I think Nicole would enjoy a theatrical production.

I know what you’re all thinking. Why are you taking a two year old to a theatrical production? Are you nuts!

Well the answer is… yes, I am. However the University in our city has a children’s theatre series, so I’m not the only one that’s nuts. My city is full of nut bars.

I printed the tickets and I noticed the time, 12:30 p.m. I realized I may be torturing myself, since that’s usually her naptime. The trick would be to keep her awake and happy. That is a challenge, especially with a toddler.

The day of the production

I scrounged through my closet and found a coral coloured blouse. I looked through Nicole’s closet and found one hot pink dress and matching jacket that actually still fit her from Easter. My Mother arrived at the house to pick us up. As I buckled Nicole into her carseat I noticed she was wearing black.

“What, no pink?”

“Sorry dear, I didn’t have any.”

Somehow I felt like I’ve been had, but it didn’t matter. It was my Mother’s birthday, so, my motto was “whatever.”

As we entered the foyer of the theatre, my vision was assaulted, with a sea of pink. Mom pulled out a hot pink feather boa from her handbag and put it on Nicole. I admitted she looked adorable.

So I am sure some of you are dying to know, what’s Pinkalicious? It’s a children’s book written by Victoria Kann. In short, it’s about a girl who eats too many pink cupcakes. Who can’t relate to that?

As the show started, Nicole wanted to sit on my lap. She snuggled and I thought for sure in five minutes she’d be asleep… well that didn’t happen. In fact, Nicole stayed up the whole extra hour without saying a word and just watched. After the show, they gave each child a cupcake.
Nicole ate all the icing off hers and handed me the rest.
It figures, she ate the best part.

The High Tea Princess

Next on my Mother’s birthday list was to have high tea at the Prince of Wales hotel in Niagara-on-the- Lake.

On the way, Nicole fell asleep. She was pinked out. It took us roughly twenty minutes in the car, and we were early, so we let her sleep until the last possible minute.

As we strolled across the parking lot Nicole waved her wand and twirled. “I pinsess, yo a pinsess, amma a pinsess. Allll pinsess.”

(translation for those without toddlers: I’m a princess, you’re a princess, grandma is a princess. All princesses)

As we approached the hotel the horse drawn buggies were parked outside the main lobby doors.

“Oook momma, momma cowboys.” She tugged at my hand, and looked up at me. I laughed.

“Do you want to take a closer look?” I asked.

“No tanktoo.”

As we entered the hotel, a pair of white angel statues stood in the lobby.

“Oook momma, buffeye people.”

My daughter thinks angels are butterfly people. I guess she’s not entirely wrong.

We were seated in the sunroom, which was perfect because Nicole could people watch. She showed a lot of patience, and read her Pinakalicous book over and over again while we waited. Once the waitress arrived and we ordered, Nicole surprised us all.

“I tea too momma, I tea too.” She insisted on having her own tea cup.

The waitress was great; she brought us an extra cup and saucer. The motor skills of a two year old are not fantastic, but Nicole managed to drink the little bit of tea and milk I poured into her cup, and she placed it on her saucer. For the record, the cups are Wedgewood and probably run $50 each.

Needless to say, I drank my sparkling wine.

We treated ourselves and  decided to go for the gusto on this experience.

It nicely calmed my nerves every time Nicole unsteadily drank and put the cup down on the saucer. I silently prayed she wouldn’t break it. I’d hated the thought that we could be banned from such a nice place.

To my surprise, over the next two hours Nicole acted twice her age, like a little lady. For having a short nap she behaved better than any other time.

As we left, Nicole pointed out the cowboys again and waved her wand.

“Yooo a pincess, amma a pincess, I a igh tea pincess.”

Who can argue with that?

So my social experiment of bringing my daughter to a theatrical production, and then to high tea in a fancy hotel, turned out better than I ever imagined. Then again, what girl doesn’t love princesses, cake and tea?



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