You Broke It!

It started with the pepper mill.

The design is such that the handles squeeze together in order to grind the pepper. Ron let it drop on the floor, or it was already broken. I’m not completely sure of the story but Nicole insisted.

“Daddy you brote it!”peppermill

We were driving to a hockey tournament and Ron had hit the interior light (it’s the push button kind) and it now no longer turns on.

“Daddy you brote light?”

Ron looked at me and said Mommy had broken it because I drive the truck the most. Nicole didn’t buy it.

“Noooo Daddy you brote the, the, the light!”

Every time Ron used the pepper mill or we are all in the truck, she kindly reminds him that he broke it. Nicole doesn’t let Ron forget…ever.

The Chair

We were having a family dinner at the table and Ron had finished his meal first. He decided to rock back on the chair. This is something I constantly yell at Lucas for doing and here my husband does it. I’ve yelled at him too but neither of them listen.

Nicole had to go to the bathroom so I took her in and closed the door. I returned back to the table and continued having a family conversation. Ron continued to rock back on the chair.

Guess what happened next?

The chair broke. The force sent Ron flying backwards. Ron hit his knees on the table which almost sent the table flying on top of him. If I didn’t stop it with my arms it would have landed on his gut. Ron could have really gotten hurt. Instead he had sore knees and wounded pride. I looked at Lucas

“See what happens when you don’t listen to your mother.”

Lucas rolled his eyes.

“Well did Dad not just break the chair and almost get really hurt?”

“Yeah I guess.” Lucas said.

We all heard Nicole shout.

“I done!”

I returned to the bathroom to help Nicole and I heard Ron telling Lucas.

“Quick give me the back of the chair.” Ron then placed the back on the chair making it appear as if nothing was wrong with it.

Nicole returned to kitchen and announced to everyone.

“I get jammies on!”

“Ok honey bunny.” Ron is smiling from ear to ear hoping she doesn’t notice the chair.

“March! March! March!” she shouts marching like the characters from The Cat in the Hat  towards her room.

Ron takes the back off  the chair again to look at it, but Nicole turned around in the hallway and walked right back into the kitchen.


Nicole caught Ron red handed.

broken chair

“Daddy you brote chair!”

We all laughed. Ron was busted.

“No I didn’t.” Ron laughed so hard he wasn’t able to keep a straight face.

“Yeah you did, look! Look!” Nicole pointed to the broken chair.

“Can’t talk your way out of that one now can you Ron?”

More laughter.

“Nope I guess not.”



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