Hello Friends!

Yes it’s been a long while since I’ve posted. My life has been beyond crazy. I’ve been sick, had final exams, holidays, family trauma drama, and relatives visiting from England that I got to meet in person for the first time.

So that brings me to this post. It’s now June. I didn’t have my act together this year, so I broke down and bought fruit and vegetable plants for a container garden.

To give you a little background

We bought our house almost four years ago. Three years ago I did what every good gardener does. I used compost that was overflowing in the composter and put it around my gardens. However, the person that we bought the house from failed to mention the composter was where he composted nothing but the garden weeds.


So it’s been a struggle to get a handle on them. I tried a new method this year in the front garden. I used an electric cultivator to dig up a particular weed that spreads underground. And Voila! To date it has worked. I plan on trying this method on the back garden eventually but for now I wanted a food garden.

Earlier in this spring… 

Our grocery store’s garden centre had a few interesting things that I picked up.

A dwarf fig tree, blueberry/strawberry combo planter, and grapes that can be grown in a container. Yes folks you read that correctly. The Vineland research institute came up with the dwarf varieties this year and I was so excited at this prospect that I picked them up.

Hmmmm! Grapes and figs that produce fruit in the first year. grapes

Procrastination Doesn’t Pay!

Yes this year I procrastinated. Last year I lost hope since the garden was/still is a mess. This year I said

“SCREW IT… I will container garden!”

I visited a few different greenhouses. Since it’s already mid-June the pickings were really, really slim. I ended up out of all places, at Home Depot. On a wing and a prayer that they had what I wanted. Luckily they did… for the most part.

Here is a pic of my small score.garden

A few beefsteak tomato plants, eggplant, sugarbaby watermelon, orange peppers, sweet banana peppers, bell peppers and 1 small Jalapeno pepper plant.

I drove down to Seaway greenhouses and managed to score zucchini, cucumbers and a few herbs.

Perfect! So I began planting in containers.

Nicole was curious about what I was up to. She saw me plant flowers a few weeks earlier but then she began asking questions.

“Whutz dat?”

“Vegetables and some fruit plants. This is how we get our food.”

“No don’t…Mommy buy at the store.” She frowned a crossed her arms across her chest.Nicole gardening

“Yes baby but food doesn’t just appear at the store it has to grow, be harvested, which means picked and then it gets sent to the grocery store for us to buy.”

Nicole bent down to analyze the bag of dirt.

“Momma would rather get food from the backyard, it’s closer.” I winked at Nicole and she giggled.

“You’re silly.”

“I am not.” I protested.

“Do you want to help?”

“Sure do! That garbage! Yucky!” Nicole points to the dirt.

“No baby that’s dirt. We need it to add to the containers in order for everything to grow. It’s not garbage. Garbage is something we can’t use.”

Nicole put her hands on the cool moist soil.

“Yucky garbage!” she retracted her hand.

“No not garbage, it’s dirt.”


“Yes dirt.” I finished planting one of the pepper plants and set it aside.

Nicole garden

“I will help you!”

Nicole marched towards the pot, grabbed it and carried it across the yard placing it carefully beside the others.

“He needs to be with his friends. So they can have a party!” Nicole proceeded to dance in the garden and shook her little bum at me laughing.

I thought to myself “Ah yes,  they party so much so that they explode into fruits and vegetables.”

 Nice one Nicole. Nice one.sunglasses smiley face



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