Death of a Family Pet


To add to the chaos

Nicole wasn’t the only one sick. So was our cat Tigger. This time we had to put Tigger down. It was hard decision to make. It was hard to make Lucas understand that it wasn’t a good life for Tigger to have to keep going to the veterinarian every few months to band aid his problem.  My little tough guy and first said

“I don’t care.”

 A few hours later

catWe were picking up a few things at the grocery store and he broke down in sobs.

 “I miss Tigger! Why did this have to happen? He was such a good cat.” I put my arms around him as he cried in the frozen food section of Sobey’s.

Dealing with death and kids is tricky. It doesn’t matter if it’s a relative or a pet. To date the pet has been the hardest, only because those he knew that passed away were old. This made sense to Lucas in his mind. But Tigger was four years old. A teenager in cat years .Okay maybe not a teenager but he certainly acted like one.


Tigger constantly snuck outside.

Most times he was successful and he always came back a few hours later.

Tigger and the kids

Tigger was a lap cat. He loved attention. Any time Nicole sat still on the couch Tigger would sit beside her and rub his face in her hands. Nicole would squeal and laugh.imagesCAVSVRZX

“Momma, Tiggaa wan luuuuuvvvvv.”

Tigger normally took turns sleeping outside the doorway of Nicole’s room and Lucas’ room. If Nicole was having a nap he would sneak in her room and sleep at the end of the bed.

If it was time to get up in the morning and Lucas or Nicole fell back asleep Tigger would rub his face against theirs to wake them up.  (I think is may be part of the reason why since he’s been gone the kids are giving me hassle about getting up in the morning.)

Tigger also promptly tripped me on the way to the bathroom in the morning to indicate he wanted food.

As much as he could be a pain in the rump, he will be missed by us.





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