It’s been a while…

First off I would like to apologize for not writing for a while. The chaos which is my life has been just that, chaos. So I am forewarning you I have multiple posts.

It began just after my last post. Nicole was coughing and I tried the diy cough medicine but it didn’t work. Nicole’s condition became worse and fever set in.

Off to prompt care we went.

When we arrived they advised me Nicole had to wear a cough mask. I thought she would since it had the fun looking mickey mouse designs on it. As I tried to put it on she grabbed and pushed it away. Lucas tried helping me out. He thought if he wore one maybe Nicole would copy. He tried to make it a game.

mickey mouse mask

Nope. Nicole wasn’t having it.

The cough sounded like croup. It was bad. It sounded like a dying seal was having its head slammed in a car door. Her fever was really high and she just sat there. Her happy go lucky spirit was gone.

The doctor finally saw her

He was roughly my age and tried to engage in conversation with Nicole.

“I have a daughter just a little older than you by about a month. Her name is Violet.”

Nicole slowly lifted her head and gave him this look. The “I don’t care what your kids name is just make me feel better” look.stethescope

So the Doctor verified Nicole had croup  and she wasn’t contagious, it was also in her throat and to top it all off her ears were also a little pink. He prescribed Tylenol and Advil on a rotation basis to bring down the fever.

Nicole was also given a dose of medicine at the clinic by the male nurse. Well almost by the male nurse. Nicole was having no part of anyone giving her anything let alone medicine.

So Ron, my husband takes the vile medicine from the nurse. I am holding Nicole in my arms and I turn and prop her up so she’s facing Ron.

“Okay baby open up, ready… AAAAHHHH” Ron mimics what he wants her to do and thankfully she does.

The male nurse looks at us and blinks.

male nurse“You did that in one shot. Most parents do it a little at a time.”

“Uh yeah, no not us. One shot deal and it’s done.”

“I wish all the parents I see did that.” The male nurse scribbled on his clipboard and marched down the hallway.

“Ready to go home babe?” I asked Nicole. All I heard was the soft sound of her deep breathing. She was already fast asleep.


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