I Da Boss

I would like to apologize for the delay in posting. I have been waiting for my blog to be graded. So I’ve decided I am going ahead and posting. Professor, I’m sure you’ll figure out where I left off.

Given the events of the last week I thought I would share some humour.

Last Night

Lately Lucas has been mouthy. Okay not lately, it’s been like that for months. Mouthy, and full of attitude.

My husband Ron decided to teach him a mini lesson and it eventually turned into Ron putting Lucas in a head lock. They decided to horse around. It went something like this:

“Nicole, grrrrr heeeelp me! Geeeet daddy, get’em.” Lucas is on the ground refusing submission. Ron is laughing.

Nicole is sitting on her knees in her chair eating a peanut butter sandwich at the kitchen table. She peered down at him, licked her index finger and thumb.

“Nooo Dudis, I eat peebutter sanwich. I busy.”peanut butter sandwich

“Give up yet Lucas? She’s not coming to help you.” Ron holds the head lock a little tighter.

“Grrrr.” Lucas laughed.

“Nooo! Never. Giving. Up.” Lucas continued to struggle.

At the Dinner Table

“Dudis, stop it! Yooo, yoooo, eat yooo dinner.” Nicole commanded in a bossy voice and frowns down at him.

“Okay Lucas we’re done.”  Ron said.

“Neveeeer.” Lucas replied.

Lucas tried to haul Ron down one last time but failed. Ron laughed.

Lucas is now laying on his back, on the ground, blocking the doorway between the hallway and kitchen.

Nicole finished her sandwich, hopped down and stepped square on Lucas’ gut to get to the hallway. Something he didn’t expect.

“Ohhhh Nicolllle!”

Nicole stopped in her tracks, turned around slightly and looked down at him.

Nicole let out a large sigh.

“Dudis, stop orsing aa aaawound. Come on, come on. Nap time.” Nicole motioned with her hand for Lucas to follow her down the hallway.

Ron and I glanced at each other and laughed.

“Well you’ve been told buddy, time to go to bed.” I said grinning.

“Whaaa whaaa, she can’t tell me what to do!” Lucas replied.

“Nope but I can. It’s bedtime buddy. Get your jammies on. Let’s go.” I said.

“Thanks a lot Nicole.” Lucas half gets up off of the floor.

A tiny voice echoed down the hallway.

“Yoooo welcome Dudis. I da boss.”nicole upside down


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  1. c.a marcoux
    Dec 20, 2012 @ 13:00:49

    Please keep on blogging I love to read your adventures!!!


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