Cough Remedies and a Sleepless Night


Ron and I decided that we should take Nicole in to see Dr. M. Nicole’s cough refused to subside. It sounded like a barking, dying seal, with its head caught in a car door. As I drove Nicole to the doctor I heard this little voice in the backseat.

“luv it, luuuuv it, I luv song, turn up, turn up!”

Somehow within the last week she has turned into a little person with opinions, including music.

I can’t help but smile.

We arrived at Dr. M.’s office and thankfully she was able to see us right away.

Awesome! That never happens.

Nicole proceeded to have a conversation with the receptionist.

“ I see dodor. I rough cough.” She pretended to cough to prove her point.

The receptionist laughed.

Dr. M. looked her over, and as usual I’ve taken Nicole in too soon. She didn’t cough once at Dr. M.’s office.  So Dr. M. gave her opinion based on what I told her. Nicole either had a virus, or croup that hasn’t come to full force, or it’s asthma, which they don’t properly test until age six.

It figures.

At homemarshmellows

Nicole’s cough returned. Kathleen, a work colleague, told me she heard of marshmallows as a remedy for a cough.

I think someone just wanted an excuse to eat more marshmallows. I am totally not buying into this idea but whatever.

I’m desperate.

I swung open the cupboard door and pulled out an opened package of marshmallows I just bought. Two left.

 Lucas was into them again!

I gave Nicole the last two marshmallows. She still continued to hack.

Hmmm maybe it wasn’t a high enough dosage.

I rubbed Vicks vapor rub on her feet. Pattie, Nicole’s babysitter told me about this trick.

The cough subsided a little, but not much. It did eventually kick in and provide enough relief for Nicole to fall asleep.

11 p.m.

Ron and I are about to go to bed when Nicole stopped me in my tracks on the way to our bedroom.

She’s up, and out of bed, wide awake.

Ah man! I want to go to sleep. This is going to be a long friggen night.

I put her back into her bed and she started hacking again. I am finally in bed, about to drift off to sleep, and then I heard it.


 Nicole opened our door, and hopped into our bed.

Dame it!

Nicole lied down on her side and I saw her big brown eyes staring at me. I kissed her forehead and told her to sleep. She closed her eyes and didn’t move.

She actually listened. Holy Crap! Is this my kid?

Below is how our night went.

baby sleep positions

Halfway through the night, Ron is kicked in the ribs, (like the H is for Hell position above) and it was forceful enough for him to fall right out of the bed. I heard him curse incoherently, and left our bedroom.

Nicole is like most babies. She doesn’t sleep still. Throughout the rest of the night Nicole was restless.

At one point Nicole punched me in the eye, and kicked me across the throat. Every time I moved her, she moved herself right back to where she was positioned. *Sigh*vicks

In the middle of the night I re-applied the Vicks on her feet. I must admit, thus far, it has been the best thing that has worked on her cough. As soon as I thought Nicole had reached a deep sleep, I attempted to move her to her bed, she screamed.

I wondered if there was a remedy for that?

5 a.m.

Ron’s alarm on his phone went off. I stumbled around trying to locate it, and put it on snooze, in order to give it to him. I shuffled to the living room, but Ron wasn’t sleeping on the couch.

Where the hell is he?

Just on a hunch I checked Nicole’s room, and there was Ron. His arms hung out the sides of the bed, and his legs hung over top the end of the toddler bed.

Seriously like the couch was too far to walk for a comfortable sleep.

I couldn’t contain myself, and laughed.

For the record, an effective cough remedy is Vicks vapor rub on your feet, whether your young or old. It does wear off after a few hours, but a few hours of sleep is better than none. The marshmallows as a form of a cough remedy is yet to be determined, but I’m sure my monkeys will have fun testing that theory out.

Do you have any suggestions for cough remedies? I’d like to hear them.


DIY Cough Medicine

Warning! I tested it on my animals.

Thanks to the almighty Canadian Government, for the last few years many parents have struggled with their sanity. Especially when their child is experiencing a bad cough or cold. Anyone under the age of twelve is denied any form of cough medicine. There is no relief for anyone, child or parent.

Hence my search began. I would like to thank the Garden Pantry on Facebook for sending this recipe. It’s called Maggie’s Cough Remedy.

Last weekend

Sickness reared its ugly head in my household. So my littlest monkey, my two year old daughter Nicole, became my first guinea pig. I combined all the common household ingredients as per the instructions, and voila! DIY cough medicine.

Nicole took the medicine like a champ.

“Yucky Momma” cough, cough, she gagged. Her nose began running instantly.

The effects of the medicine instantly appeared. She screamed incoherently at me, and jumped up and down. More gagging ensued and presto! She coughed up the phlegm. I wiped her nose and mouth, gave her a drink, and kissed the top of her head.

“That’s Momma’s good girl.” She sauntered over to the fridge and played with her magnetic letters like nothing ever happened.

Mission accomplished.

Later that day

Lucas, my oldest monkey, began coughing in the same hacking manner as Nicole.

“Okay buddy, bottoms up.”

He examined the reddish substance and covered his mouth with his hands.

“Uh uh, no way!” His eyes grew larger the closer I came with the medicine.Lucas Cough Medicine Picture

“Come on buddy, you need to man up. Your sister did it with no problem. Didn’t you baby?”

Nicole shook her head in agreement while she coloured at the kitchen table.

“Yeah, Doodis ave some.”

I omitted to tell Lucas the part where Nicole screamed and gagged, but hey, whatever works.

Yes I am an evil mother. However I would also like to point out he has an evil sister.

Lucas gingerly took the tablespoon and swallowed it down.

“Ohhh Yuck! Hot! Hot! Drink! Drink!” His eyes bulged out of his head, and sweat formed on his brow.

I slowly reached in the fridge and proceeded to pour him a glass of milk. Waiting for the medicine to take full effect. I handed him the glass to kill the burning sensation that he appeared to be experiencing.

Hmmm maybe it’s too hot. I guess I should have tested it on him first since he can talk, but hey, live and learn. I guess Nicole wasn’t exaggerating after all.

The Next Day

It figures Karma reared her ugly head. I myself experienced a sore throat and stuffed up nose. I took a tablespoon of medicine.

WOW! That’s friggen hot!

I added four additional tablespoons of honey. It’s now tolerable.

So I’m sure everyone is dying to know, did it work?

Yes, it actually provided some relief. It made my nose run, and it cleared my sinuses. It may not work on everybody, but it worked on us.

I guess there is some merit to the old school remedies. For my family this one is a keeper.

Do you have any natural remedies that work for your family? If you wish I would be happy to share. 😉

The Recipe for Maggies Cough Remedy


1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper spice

1/4 teaspoon ground ginger spice

1 tablespoon cider vinegar

2 tablespoons water

1 tablespoon honey

Use a locally produced honey, if possible. With children under the age of two it’s recommended to use pasteurized honey to prevent  botulism. For this recipe I added an additional four tablespoons of honey to tone down the burning sensation.


1. Dissolve cayenne and ginger in cider vinegar and water. Add honey and shake well.

2. Take 1 Tablespoon as needed for cough.

The recipe states  it’s enough for four servings, but with the additional honey it’s eight.

Although the recipe is natural, it can affect people large or small differently. Just because the remedy is natural does not mean it can’t be harmful.  Use at your own risk. Always consult a doctor prior to use.

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